Positec has announced the future design of its new global management center which will break ground in 2012. According to the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the building has been designed so that it will produce its electricity needs entirely from renewable sources. Arrayed with enough solar panels
to fill a regulation football pitch and a complete geo-thermal
heating and cooling system, Positec will be the first
independent company to construct
a building of its kind in China.

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Positec is relatively young.
Run like a family, it belongs to a family. Decisions are independent, a luxury that not every company can afford


Positec is ambitious.
We believe progress and sustainability are not incompatible to each other.


Positec is boundless.
We seek out the best and the brightest ideas, regardless of geographic boundaries, whether that’s in Italy or Indonesia.


Positec is non-conformist.
Tools are about work. Yet, as a tool maker, we feel that work is not really the point in life. We design tools to avoid work and make life easier.

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